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Kids Reunited developed a form to speed up the process of registration to reunion under accompanied minors with their parents. It can be used by NGO’s in the field, to collect the required personal and legal information on the minors.

This form allows the children and the NGO’s to circumvent the long and uncertain process of Skype registrations, required at the moment. As a result the application for reunification on the basis of the Dublin agreement can be set in motion with much less delay.

The forms can be downloaded at this page. There is a PDF and a Word/DocX file.

PDF: form-to-start-dublin-regulation-take-charge-to-get-family-unity

Word/DocX: form-to-start-dublin-regulation-take-charge-to-get-family-unity

Filled in forms can be send to

The image is a cartoon created by Alex Falco Chang (Cuba)