Kids Reunited is an initiative with a single goal: bringing unaccompanied minors (refugees) back to their relatives in the EU.

In Greece alone, there are currently almost 2000 registered, unaccompanied minors and a significant part of this group is waiting to see their families in the EU member states again. According to EU legislation these children have the right to reunification. Unfortunately the process to actually get the children to their parents is not working well and sometimes takes up to 2 years. We want to speed this process up, and found a solution to do so.

After 1,5 years of researching the current process, talking to the different stakeholders and understanding where the bottlenecks are, we believe that with the smart use of (Blockchain) technology and the support of CSO’s working together with the official organisations and authorities, children can be reunited with their families in 3 months.

With an app based on blockchain technology, the process will be more efficient, resistant to tampering and can have built in performance indicators. By leveraging these specific characteristics of blockchain technology, we can revolutionise the way we handle complex procedures into safe and efficient processes for all people and organisations involved. An app that will help us all to reunite families as quickly as possible.

Kids Reunited is a partnership of legal partners, technical partners, journalists, a support team and coordinators. Together they will speed up this process. They have the following roles:

  1. the Legal team. Professionals who legally support the minors in the reunification process on a case-by-case basis.
  2. the Technical Team aims to create tools that can alleviate the strain on overstretched systems and protect the data of the minors against traffickers. The coming period they will create an online tool (based on Blockchain) that will easily document and process their data.
  3. the Awareness team. This team of journalists are making the public at large aware of the impact of long term separation from their families and their vulnerable situation (e.g. unaccompanied minors are a prey for traffickers).
  4. the Support team contains highly skilled volunteers and different NGO staff members who are responsible for the identification of unaccompanied minors in Greece.
  5. the Coordination Team. The coordinators are responsible for the cohesion of the teams, the progress of the organization and a first point of contact for interested people and organisations.

The combination of areas of expertise in this collaboration offers the groundwork to put pressure on the political system, on a national level and on EU level. Finally it needs to significantly improve the system and bring these families together again.